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EMMANUEL ODUMADE - KNOWN AS EMMA ODUMADE - WAS BORN IN 2000 IN LAGOS, NIGERIA, WHERE HE CURRENTLY LIVES AND WORKS. A self-taught artist, Emma Odumade's practice revolves around hyper-realistic drawings set against a background of collage and inclusion of colorful painted elements. The images chosen - photos of bronzes from the Kingdom of Benin, old concert tickets, archive images, cartoon characters and sketches - blend past, present and future. Emma Odumade thus questions the transformations of shared spaces and how these mutations impact social life in our relationship to each other and to our environment. The use of black tea symbolizes both the present - due to Emma Odumade's attraction to botany - and the beginning and the soul: that which is inside but cannot be physically shown. Emma Odumade's work has been shown at international art fairs such as Art X Lagos (Nigeria) and 1-54 New York (USA). They have been the subject of institutional exhibitions at the African Artist's Foundation in Lagos, the Institute of Contemporary Art in Kansas City and the Kunsthal KAdE Museum in the Netherlands. The artist also had his first solo show in Paris in October 2022 at the AFIKARIS gallery. Source :