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Born in Nigeria in 1999, Prosper Aluu studied architecture at the Owerri Federal University of Technology before turning to a career as a visual artist. In his work, the artist incorporates clippings from Nigerian newspapers to tell stories of the past while preserving the narratives of the present. His artistic style, which he calls “Abfillage” - a crossword formed from the words “abstract”, “figure” and “collage” - consists of painting characters on partially colored newspaper or magazine collages. The application of color to the texts is intended to soften some of the negative stories and events contained within. This technique enables him to preserve the written stories and highlight their effects in a figurative way. His figurative style is also characterized by the elongation and exaggerated proportions of his characters, as well as by his distinctive depiction of Afro hairstyles. The golden crowns he paints on his figures' heads are intended to give them a particular nobility and dignity. Through his art, Prosper Aluu celebrates and explores his African identity.