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Abisola Kuburat Gbadamosi


Abisola Kuburat Gbadamosi is a visual artist born in Nigeria in 1995. Originally from Ibadan, Oyo State. She spent most of her formative years between Lagos and London. Gbadamosi's work focuses on the interplay between light and color, spirituality, everyday life and loss. Having lost both her parents at a relatively young age, she turned to art as a form of therapy, a way of processing her innermost thoughts and working through the conflicting emotions she found difficult to express. The use of watercolor lends her work a distinct, perceptible style that she uses to create ethereal portraits, successfully translating her different states of consciousness. She believes in the spirituality of life and the ultimate divine source beyond the physical realm. She believes that paradise can be experienced on earth, and is interested in the different realms into which our consciousness can take us. For Gbadamosi, her art changes as her mind moves from one state of consciousness to another. She understands that the mind is one of the most powerful tools we possess as human beings, and that it has the power to determine the entire trajectory of our lives.