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Duke Asidere


Born in 1961 in Lagos, Duke Asidere is one of Nigeria’s most celebrated contemporary artists with local and foreign following. He obtained a first class Bachelor of Arts degree in Painting from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 1988 as well as a Masters of Fine Arts in Painting in 1990 from the same university. He taught painting, drawing and art history at the Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi for five years before starting full-time studio work in Lagos. He was mentored by Gani Odutokun, who had a profound impact on him and his artistic expression. Asidere expresses himself in thick, bold strokes through a wide variety of media including pencil work, oil, acrylic, pastels and transparencies. Although, his favourite subject to paint is women; he explores numerous concepts like politics, society, culture and psychology – his architectural series offer a fresh perspective of Africa and his number plate and spray series have underlying political statements.