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Wilfried Mbida


Wilfried MBIDA, visual artist living and working in Douala. She holds a Master's degree in Plastic Arts and Art History, with a major in painting, from the Institut des Beaux-arts in Nkongsamba, Cameroon. This artist's experience has been enriched by numerous group exhibitions, including Le printemps de Toulouse, Cheminement, at the Galerie d'Art Contemporain de Yaoundé, Art 2017 at Espace doual'art, New Art Exchange sound like her in England, Newwwar at Bandjoun station. She has also had solo exhibitions such as "Kédé Ndap" at the Institut français au Cameroun, Yaoundé branch, and in Geneva at the Galerie des Arts du soleil. She has been selected for the Casablanca Biennial to be held in 2022/2023.

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