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Joseph Francis Sumegne


Influenced by the engravings and tattoos he observed on his grandmother's body and the pillars of the royal houses of West Cameroon, he drew a lot during his childhood in the village. He was then introduced to different types of artistic practice (sculpture, coloring, jewelry, basketry, weaving), the combination of which would characterize his future work. Hosted by doual'art in Douala for a three-year creative residency from 1993 to 1996, Sumegné created La Nouvelle Liberté, a monumental sculpture 12 meters high. He has been invited to create outdoor works in Gabon, France and Germany. His latest urban project is Le monument pour la Paix, for the Bangui Biennale of Contemporary Art in the Central African Republic. Joseph-Francis Sumégné has exhibited in several countries, including Japan for the Osaka Triennial (1998) and the Netherlands for the Arhnem Triennial (2008). In 2004, he took part in the Dakar Biennale, in a solo exhibition as part of the official selection, where he presented Les neuf notables for the first time to an international audience. His last major public presentation took place in 2014 at ArtFair London, UK. In 2015, he returned to painting.

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