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Jean-David Nkot


Jean-David Nkot is a contemporary artist from Cameroon, born in 1989 in Douala, where he lives and works. This gifted plastic artist successively trained at the Institut de Formation Artistique de Mbalmayo (IFA), the Institut des Beaux-Arts de Foumban, where he obtained a diploma in drawing/painting. In 2017, he joined the Post Master “Moving Frontiers” organized by the École nationale des arts de Paris-Cergy (France) on the theme of borders. Throughout his training at the fine arts school in Foumban, he received several artistic distinctions, consecrating him as the best sculptor, installer and painter. Aware of what his elders can teach him, he frequently works in the studios of Hervé Youmbi, Salifou LINDOU, Jean Jacques KANTÉ, Pascal KENFACK and Ruth BELINGA, all well-known visual artists.