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Thomas Mbatamdi


Born in Djarengol-Kodek, in the Diamare department of Cameroon's Far North region, Thomas Mbatambi is a self-taught painter who lives and works in Maroua. He became interested in artistic practice when he saw the work of his elders, and thus nurtured his passion for drawing. From 2002, he frequented the studios of artists such as Moses and Alioum Moussa, and began working in 2004. He draws inspiration from artists such as Jean-Jacques Kanté, with whom he will do a creative residency between February and April 2023, Salifou Lindou, Yvon Ngassam, Tally Mbok and WIlliam Bakaimo, with whom he will take part in a residency in Douala. In addition to working with groups in the cities of Maroua, Douala and Yaoundé, Thomas will also be taking part in major artistic events such as the RACG (Rencontre des Artistes Contemporaines dans les Grassfield). This is an annual gathering held in Batie in the West Cameroon region, whose theme in 2022 was <<Retrouvons la terre>>. His work speaks of man, his mentality and his beliefs. He draws on life in society, particularly that of his native region, on human and ancestral behaviors and practices. The duality between life and death and the whole spiritual dimension of the human being, which for him is what defines him above all else. He uses acrylics, paints and acrylics.


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