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Zak Ndam


Zak Ndam is a Cameroonian artist based in Douala. He works in crafts, sculpture and, for some time now, drawing. The distinctive feature of his work is that it is highly imbued with spirituality and Africanness. He began as an art dealer, then, following divine inspiration, he was invited to practice art in such a way as to simultaneously make it his daily activity. Born in Foumban to craftsman and art dealer parents, he embarked on his artistic career at the age of 40, driven by the need to transcribe his dreams... Inspired by Picasso, Hervé Youmbi, Hervé Yamguen, Koko Komegne, his 1ʳᵉ work, the "Trône Uni-vers-El" will take him in turn to the Balama (Bali Art Market) in 2017, to the Sadrak Gwom Gwéss show at Douala's IFC and, finally, to Espace doual'art in 2019...