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Profile picture of the artist Éric Delphin Kwégoué
Éric Delphin Kwégoué


Éric Delphin Kwégoué was born in 1977 in Bana in the Haut-Kam department, West Cameroon region. In 2022, Éric Delphin Kwégoué began his theatrical career after spending two years training in dramatic art at the Douala Youth and Culture Centre (MJC). He trained as a director with André Bang, Maître Mwambayi, Catherine Boskovitch and Carlo Boso. In a decade of practice, he has acted in plays including La mort d'Alexandre Suttu by Dumitru Crudu, directed by Benoit Vitse, Rêve de fou adapted from a lecture by Sony Labou Tansi, directed by Guillaume Ekoumé and performed at the Sibui International Festival in Romania and in various cities in Africa. He also performed at the 2013 Avignon Festival.

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