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Alida Ymele


Born in Dschang in West Cameroon in 1994, Alida Ymele is a Cameroonian visual artist living in Douala. She began creating at an early age, against the advice of her family. She studied at the Institut des Beaux-Arts in Nkongsamba, graduating with a Master's degree in 2019. Alida has been working in Jean-David Nkot's studio since 2017. Highly enthusiastic and passionate, she won two postal art prizes in Venezuela in 2017, including an honorary mention, and in 2019 graduated with a professional Master's degree in Plastic Arts from the University of Douala's Institute of Fine Arts. Followed by artist Jean-David NKOT since 2017, she also courts the studios of Cameroonian artists such as: Jean-Jacques KANTE, Salifou LINDOU, Hervé YOUMBI and many others. She has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, including the most important: the 19th Asian Art Biennale in 2022, the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dicokam at 193 Gallery in Paris, collective "New Spirit 2019", "Woman Power" which brought together over thirty women artists from around the world in November 2018 and that of "Iglecia luterrena", Venezuela 2017, as well as "les Kai" and "Artuelles interférences" 2020 and finally "Wanda" (lights) in November 2020, organized by Rose la Brière de L'Isle to open the JAA-CAMEROUN ( young artists of the future-Cameroon). In 2023, she won the Gender Justice 2023 prize as part of UNRISD's 60th anniversary celebrations.