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Victorien Bazo


Victorien Bazo was born on March 10, 1987. Although he received a conventional primary and secondary education, he soon developed a passion for drawing through comics and manga. Once at university, his choice fell on the Institut des Beaux-Arts de l'Université de Douala à Nkongsamba (IBA) in 2010. There, he practiced genre painting (portrait, landscape, still life), and entered the world of contemporary art. Very interested in African history and culture, Victorien Bazo tries to make the link between the habits and customs of societies that have left a strong historical trace and those that might have been lived by Africans in the past. Indeed, very few images, notably drawings, engravings and paintings, are known of African history. That's why he creates vignettes on canvas in the manner of a cartoonist, telling fictions inspired by scenes of life that remind us of the past. Another aspect of his work attempts to confront contemporary African man with his responsibilities, urging him to continue to value his culture while celebrating the cultural practices of the past.