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Aboudramane Doumbouya
Côte d’Ivoire


Aboudramane Doumbouya was born in 1961 in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. At the age of fifteen, he began working with wood and was trained by a local cabinetmaker. He emigrated to Italy in 1984, feeling nostalgic for the country and family environment he had left behind. On his arrival in Paris in 1988, he met a Swedish painter, Gösta Claesson. This meeting was to prove decisive for him, as it introduced him to Tinguely, Cornell and Caler, and led to his first model. He built a village from wood, creepers, earth and other natural materials. This was the start of a long series of works, entitled "memory sculptures", in which he inserted small personal objects, tiny mementos of childhood memories, "treasures" nourished by his affection for those whose presence the object recalls. The imaginary places he recreates, the miniature worlds he reconstructs with his hands, become temples in miniature, full of poetry, where he infiltrates the very heart of Africa, in lands where magic, rites, everyday life and the soul of objects come into play. In 1990, Aboudramane began exhibiting in a number of galleries in Paris, and his work soon attracted the attention of art lovers and the press. In 1992, he was spotted by renowned designer Andrée Putman, who allowed him to exhibit a monumental "Roulotte du Diabl" in the garden of the Hôtel de Sully in Paris. In 1990, Aboudramane began exhibiting in numerous galleries in Paris, and his work soon attracted the attention of art lovers and the press alike. In 1992, he was spotted by the renowned designer Andrée Putman, who allowed him to exhibit a monumental "Roulotte du diable" in the garden of the Hôtel de Sully in Paris, loaded with symbols and fetishes. Numerous other exhibitions followed in Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart and at the Museum of African Art in New York. In 1998, Aboudramane was invited to take up a residency at the Vallon du Villaret in Lozère, where he exhibited his work and created a giant outdoor sculpture, "Je sème à tout vent", whose freedom and humor leave a strong mark on the landscape. The evolution of his work has led him to create totems ranging from wood to glass, from cork to rope, from iron to earth, some of which are like wizards' staffs, others a cathedral vibrating with exemplary purity. "Merci Fanta", created in 2007, is one of Aboudramane's flagship works: a sculpture, all gilded, two large curved blades and a circle suggest a woman's breasts and belly, while a small empty pot evokes both the possibility of giving life and the drama of passing time. It's a direct tribute to the memory of her mother, but also a testament to her maturity of expression. For the past ten years, Aboudramane has been pursuing his creative path. He has created a number of more abstract pieces in imposing or more slender forms, always with a touch of humor, as well as small-format sculptures, touching mystery houses or transformed objects wrapped in rope, beads or fabric. Here he leaves his mark, that of a "magician of dreams", as art critic Jean-Louis Pinte calls him. Group exhibitions 2022 May ARTCURIAL Maison de vente aux enchères - Paris 8ème - "African Contemporary Art 2021 november PIASA Auction House - Paris 8ème - "Afrique + Art moderne & contemporain - Collection Maine Durieu" (Africa + Modern & Contemporary Art - Maine Durieu Collection) 2020 jan-feb La Galerie Africaine - Paris 9 ème "Interception 2009 Jan-Feb (Re)-connaître l'Afrique - Art Actuel - L'Escale - 92 Levallois-Perret 2008 March Curated Show - Johannesburg - South Africa. 2007 June-Sept. 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