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Melinda Fourn (b. 1995) is a French-Beninese artist who lives and works in Paris ( Works ). Her art is expressed mainly through sculpture, often integrated into her installations by a series of photographs or digital objects. She is particularly interested in creating jewelry and functional everyday objects, which for the artist are sculptures in their own right, charged with stories, memories and meanings. Appropriating the shapes of these objects - from saucepans to stoves - she reworks their form, inverts their function, subverts their use, while adorning them like jewelry. During her residency at Selebe Yoon, Melinda pursues her research into the porous link between craft and art, drawing on the wealth of know-how specific to the region. She combines metal and ceramics by working on welding and assembly techniques, different from forging, with her faithful companions: the anvil and the hammer. Drawing on her travels throughout West Africa, she combines these two media with poems that reveal her encounter with the material and digital images that bear witness to the creative process. Source :