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Emmanuel Aziseh


Born in 1992, Aziseh Emmanuel Chefor has set himself apart from others who gave up drawing at an early age. drawing at an early age. He took his first drawing lessons from his cousin Zunwa Eric which had a major influence on his artistic practice. He decided to join an art training school, "Académie Music'Art Eutherpe" in 2009, where he was introduced to painting by two Germaine Bessohong and Fabrice Wamba. After this short training, he continued his higher education at the Institut des Beaux- Arts de Foumban (IBAF) since 2010 under the guidance of artists such as Pascal Kenfack, Idrissou Njoya, Ruth Colette Afane Belinga, Olivier Timma and many others. On the field since 2013 after his Professional License, he strengthens his skills in the workshops of Jean-Jacques Kante and Hervé Youmbi. Curious and interested in everything he sees, he dabbles in various artistic disciplines artistic disciplines, such as painting, drawing, photography, decoration and and digital arts in general. His favorite themes are social social anomalies, from which he plunges the viewer into a kind of empathy his multicolored ballpoint pen works. He uses color as a structural element structural element and their capacity to give life and hope to his subjects and a link between human races. Currently studying Fine Arts at the University of Aix Marseille, he dreams of making his mark on the world artist of the world.