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NASREDDINE BENNACER WAS BORN IN GUELMA, ALGERIA, IN 1967. Through his aesthetic research, the Franco-Algerian artist questions notions of culture, civilization and identity. For a time, his protean work (sculpture, Plexiglas painting, installations) focused on the mechanisms of domination, seeking with sensitivity and irony to thwart contemporary ideologies and denounce the absurd rationality of the world. Today, strongly influenced by the evolution of his technique, Nasreddine Bennacer tends less to convey a message than to move towards purity and poetry. His works on Japanese paper, oscillating between abstraction and figuration, are guided by the encounter between gesture and material, leaving much to the unforeseen, detaching themselves from the artist's will to let memories and impressions emerge. Nasreddine Bennacer's work has been exhibited in institutions in France - including the Palais de Tokyo - and Luxembourg, as well as at international art fairs in Dubai, Miami, Moscow, London, Istanbul and Paris.