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Miguel Chevalier


Miguel Chevalier (born April 22, 1959 in Mexico) is a French digital and virtual artist. Since 1978, Miguel Chevalier has been using computers as a means of expression in the visual arts. He has established himself internationally as one of the pioneers of virtual and digital art. His experimental, multidisciplinary work addresses the question of immateriality in art, as well as computer-induced logics such as hybridization, generativity, interactivity and networking. He develops various themes, such as the relationship between nature and artifice, the observation of flows and networks that organize our contemporary societies, the imaginary of architecture and virtual cities, and the transposition of motifs from Islamic art into the digital world. His images perpetually question our relationship with the world. His works often take the form of large-scale digital installations. He creates in-situ works that use digital art to revisit the history and architecture of places, giving them a new reading. He also creates sculptures using 3D printing and laser-cutting techniques, bringing his virtual worlds to life. Miguel Chevalier has held numerous exhibitions in museums, art centers and galleries around the world5. He also carries out projects in public and architectural spaces.