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Alioune Badara Diop


Alioune Badara DIOP, also known as Khady POUYE, is a Senegalese painter. He is based Dakar in Senegal. He started his carrer as a carpenter and worked for over ten years in Bousso DIAGNE's workshop, processing wood, stretching canvases and designing frames for the works of numerous artists. It was in this enironment that the artist was introduced to painting and drew his many inspirations. It was in 2018 that he decided to create his first painting. He got the revaltion while framing and restoring an artist's painting. He decided to take the plunge and joined the “Ecole de la Médina” circle of art creators. For the first few years of his career, he chose to use Khady Pouye, his wife's name 's as his artist's name, and signed all his works under Khady Pouye's artist's name until 2023, when he began signing under his real name Alioune Badara Diop .