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Vincent Isambourg


Vincent Isambourg was born in northern France, where he studied fine arts. He divides his time between France and Senegal. Often exhibited in Europe and Africa, his paintings are figurative. He paints in oil on canvas. Vincent is best known for his human representations. His faces seem to tell stories of fleeting encounters, and are tinged with the paradoxes inherent in relationships and the way we look at human beings. His portraits, mainly of African women, draw their source from both reality and the artist's imagination, and it is in the evanescence of memory that the characters are constructed. For the first time, Vincent is exhibiting the dreamlike landscapes of Siné Saloum, where he spent several months on artistic retreat in preparation for this “Sables émouvants - Saloum” exhibition. This new theme magnifies his technique; his palette and broad strokes of vivid color, sometimes crossed out or erased, reflect inner emotions when the soul touches the essential and strips itself of the material. Faces and landscapes merge and intermingle on canvas. This sacred symbiosis reminds us that human beings are inseparable from nature.

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