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Marie-Élise Anne-Marie Massavo AKPLOGAN was born on July 05, 1997 in Cotonou. She is a visual artist from Benin and comes from a family of four (04) children, 02 girls and 02 boys. AKPLOGAN Brice, her father, is a maintenance man at Menontin hospital in Cotonou. His mother, DASSI Béatrice, is an orderly at Bethesda Hospital, also in Cotonou. The eldest child in her family, she attended the “VIHOUTOU” school complex in Calavi from 2004 to 2017, where she obtained a baccalauréat in the D series in 2017. For her university enrolment, the artist applied to the CBG (Chemistry, Biology and Geology), but her application was rejected because of her SVT grade in the Baccalauréat.

Mixed media

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