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Ballo Oboubé Yannick Brice Emérick


Born October 16, 1996 in Cotonou, Ballo Oboubé Yannick Brice Emérick alias Emérick Boby is a young plastic artist whose talent commands admiration. This son of an actor-designer has been enamored of art since his childhood. Very early on, he was known in college undergraduate studies as a comedian, a theater enthusiast after having amazed an entire school during a cultural day. The artistic adventure will take the youngster to perfect his art as a portrait designer in 2015 at the Union Culturelle et Artistique des Etudiants (UCAE) of the University of Abomey Calavi (UAC). His concern to see the cultural values ​​of his country being desecrated day by day and his passion for drawing have come together and he devotes a part of his work to promoting the culture of his country. If he uses graphite pencil for portraits of his daily life, it is with the BIC pen that Emérick Boby makes portraits of the Egungun (reincarnation of ancestors, subjects of important ceremonies in the Vodou culture) that he faithfully reproduces. the richness of the costumes, with the BIC pen that he tries to capture their attitudes, their movement. At the same time, he is an activist within SUDCREA, a socio-educational and cultural organization in the device "Les Didascalies du Monde" as a reader-actor. Always in search of brandishing his art within his generation, his research now takes him on a journey in painting, sculpture with recovery. In November 2020, he won the competition: "Make your self-portrait with recycled objects" organized by the European Union as part of "Climate Diplomacy Week 2020 edition". Known more and more for the use of capsules in his creations, Emérick Boby now works in the defense of the rights of women and children through his artistic approach. He recently exhibited a capsule sculpture representing a lady with her child on her back and a piece of luggage on her head at the John Smith International Cultural Meeting Center in Ouidah (43rd Center of the Network of the Association of French Cultural Meeting Centers "ACCR" ). This artistic research also guides him in painting creation in a style of Was. In 2021, he won the 2nd Prize of the National Sculpture Competition in Benin, 3rd Prize of the Lydia Ludic Talent Competition of the Lydia Ludic Company in Benin.