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Born in 1965 in Foumban (Cameroon), Salifou Lindou is a self-taught visual artist who lives and works in Douala. He completed a year's training in stage design at the École des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg. Salifou Lindou belongs to the generation of artists who emerged in the 90s. A committed artist, he is a founding member of Cercle Kapsiki, a collective of five Douala-based visual artists. A tireless researcher, Salifou is constantly experimenting with new, often salvaged materials, shaping, structuring and destructuring them. Sheet metal, earth, leather, glass, steel, burlap, he likes to sand, erase and see what lies behind the material. He expresses himself through sculpture, painting, installation, performance and action painting. His favorite theme, born of his encounters with the doual'art association, is the urban. In Douala, in his former home district of Bonamouti-Deïdo, he created the public artwork Face à l'eau. In 1998, Salifou Lindou took part in the Dak'art Biennale of contemporary African art in Senegal. In the same year, he exhibited a unique piece at Galerie Mam (Douala) as part of a project initiated by the Centre Culturel Français de Douala. In 2002, he exhibited at the Salon International d'Art Contemporain du Sud in Paris, France. Then in 2005, he took part in ARCO, Salon International d'Art Contemporain Espagnol, in Madrid, Spain. In 2009, he presented the exhibition Émotions partagées, in collaboration with Christian Hanussek, at the espace doual'art in Cameroon.