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Senegalese visual artist Fally Sene Sow was born in 1989. He lives and works in Dakar. His starting point, his universe, is the Colobane district, whose market is one of the oldest and most famous in Dakar. What's special about this market is that it sells “everything” in a festive, noisy atmosphere where merchants and customers meet. Music, motor noises and the declamations of merchants punctuate this informal meeting place in constant motion. Colobane is his constant source of inspiration, with its colors, incessant movement and the order and disorder of daily life. As the market has become a source of productivity for him, Fally sometimes uses the written word, sometimes pictorial representation when it seems more eloquent. Hence his artistic questioning: “Between images and words, where does my reality lie? Fally observes, photographs, then cuts, crumples and recomposes all kinds of materials. His works are an aggregation, in collages under glass, of all the scattered objects that make up life in Colobane. “Any object collected becomes a pictorial subject worthy of interest, and the glass acts as a magnifying mirror that reveals it and gives it a second life.” With her collages intermingled with paint, Fally Sene Sow reinvents the coaster technique. Ilab-design fell in love with this visual artist and poet, whose kindness is matched only by his talkativeness and cheerfulness. "My work was influenced by a question I often asked myself: why continue to paint when I could see his objects disintegrating.... And by being an artist, any event, object, action becomes worthy of being a pictorial subject." "In this case a particular moment arrives, requiring me to listen to my feelings; it's an inspiration that comes to me with force, shakes me up by giving me an idea about the transparency of glass, the idea of picking up his objects and making them communicate with each other under the glass. There's a sharpness to them with their exact reality that glass lets you see clearly." "This is how I adopted my technique (of installation under glass), which I feel is totally innovative, more creative and where I find my best expression. Since art evolves, inspiration evolves with the times, and art bears witness to its times. Since there are so many things to say in Colobane, I continue to make my works the mirror of African, Senegalese, Dakarese and Colobanese art...".