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Rithika Thadani


My name is RITHIKA THADANI and I was born in Douala ,Cameroon.I moved to India for my education in 1993 and then to London in 2004 to complete my Bachelors in psychology and masters in Human Resource.After working for a few years in London,I decided to return back to Douala and have been here since 2011. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact date I first picked up a camera ,but I soon realized it was more than just a hobby for me.L’ve always been passionate about taking photos.My journey started with a simple Sony digital camera to a phone camera to finally buying my first DSLR in 2011-a canon EOS500D .I cherished that camera –It went everywhere I went.we became inseparable,I captured anything and everything I could fit in my frame.I bought my second DSLR in 2018,a canon EOS200D- to simple put it ,this camera is my third set of eyes ,it’s the lens through which i see the word around me. Mostly self taught and with years of practice ,my photography style started to emerge in the last few years with my collection being a mix of wildlife ,birds and nature .It’s the colour and unpredictability that draws me in most. Expressions is my first milestone in the photography world .I look forward to where my journey will take me next.