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Ghislain Brown-Kossi, born in Lyon in 1983 and raised near Paris, is developing an artistic practice he describes as “archaeological pop”. Through the use of ancient symbols imbued with our contemporary societies, which he combines with pop colors and abstract design forms, the artist questions the links between different cultures. In so doing, he seeks to convey a message of unity and solidarity, inspiring in his viewers a desire to understand and experience other cultures, and to reach out to others. In her “Artefact” series, Brown-Kossi plays with temporality. The textured surface of plaster and accumulated sand harks back to the past, while the bright, contemporary colors invite us to look to the future. The artist explores the links between different spatio-temporal spaces: recalling the memory of what is lost and casting an inquisitive eye on what is yet to be discovered. In her “Umoja” series, the artist blends her symbols with more rounded shapes and contrasting colors, with the aim of conveying her vision of a society united despite its cultural differences. Source :

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