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Moyosore Jolaolu


Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria in 1993, Moyosore is an artist whose artistic journey was jump-started by his father, a cartoonist, who recognized his potential and became his mentor. After completing a course in Mass communication at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Moyosore pursued his passion for the arts at the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, where he earned a National Diploma (ND) in General Art in 2014 and a Higher National Diploma (HND) in graphic design in 2018. Moyosore's art is largely autobiographical, featuring self-portraits, portraits of others, and serene depictions of his acquaintances and surroundings. In October 2021, his work was showcased in an exhibition at the National Museum Onikan in Lagos, Nigeria. More recently, in September 2022, he completed a residency at the DiDA gallery in the Ivory Coast. Moyosore's art looks closely at how people feel, act, and relate to each other. He pays attention to the way people deal with the difficulties of life, and how society handles these complicated experiences. Despite the challenges people face, Moyosore's art celebrates the strength and beauty of human nature. Moyosore is also interested in exploring questions about who we are and the cultures we come from. He shares his personal views and feelings through his use of colours and compositions, bringing to life many different aspects of the human experience that often go unnoticed. Looking at his art can help us think about and appreciate the many layers of human life.