Couverture de l’artspace Galerie Farah Fakhri
Photo de profil de l’artspace Galerie Farah Fakhri
Galerie Farah FakhriCôte d’Ivoire


Located in the heart of Abidjan in the Plateau district, GALERIE FARAH FAKHRI aims to create the first exchange platform in Africa between established and emerging artists from the African continent and the diaspora. The gallery hosts solo and group exhibitions that allow multidisciplinary artists to explore their most “avant-gardist” practices. Through residency and education programs, it also aims to provide a platform to foster cultural exchanges among artists, collectors, and institutions. In conjunction with the exhibition program, GALERIE FARAH FAKHRI organizes residency programs, inviting artists to immerse themselves in the artistic community. Serving as a springboard for the development of their artistic practice through research projects, painting, sculpture, or photography residencies aim to create new bodies of work exhibited at the gallery, such as the works of James Mishio and Tosin Kalejaye. The mission of this cultural project is to connect new audiences, inspire, and nurture a young generation of artists and art professionals. Simultaneously, a program for young artists aims to develop long-term relationships with students by collaborating with art professors in Ivory Coast and beyond. By emphasizing artistic partnerships with institutions such as the CTA in Bingerville, in Abidjan, or the Fine Arts of Marseille, the gallery invites artists, teachers, and art students to participate in intercultural exchanges. The goal is to build bridges between academic and artistic worlds and stimulate creativity and innovation within the local and international artistic community. Source :

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