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Born to Ghanaian parents in Palermo, Italy, Stephen Price (b. 1995) moved to the UK with his family in 2014 and studied at the University of Northampton, graduating with a BA in Painting and Drawing. Inspired by the notion of temporality, Price's paintings offer a poetic encounter and marriage between abstraction and figuration in which black charcoal figures appear as the main subjects. Using a mixed technique of charcoal, pastels, oil and acrylic on canvas, Price paints intimate portraits of black figures in abstract settings or surreal outdoor spaces, suspended in time. His visual language goes beyond the pure reproduction of photographic images, turning away from physical realities by associating the real with his imagination and memories. Working on skin with the depth of charcoal and thick, expressive brushstrokes in acrylic and oil, he creates a physical texture that is both rough and soft. Price's first solo exhibition took place in 2021 at Gallery At Home in Usk, UK. His second solo exhibition took place with Chili Art Projects in London in October 2023 and his next solo exhibition entitled 'I Wish I Could Be The Moonlight', will take place at Bwo in January 2024. This exhibition will mark his first solo show in Africa. Stephen Price's work is held in prestigious collections around the world, including the UK, USA, China, Malaysia, France, Belgium, Nigeria and Germany.


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