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FARIBA BOROUFAR WAS BORN IN IRAN IN 1975, WHERE SHE LIVES AND WORKS. The artist graduated from the Tehran School of Fine Arts with a specialization in sculpture. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in graphic design from Al-Zahra University and a Master's degree in illustration from Tehran University of Art. Fariba Boroufar's artistic practice, centered on embroidery and textile work, is deeply inspired by Iranian architecture and rooted in the traditions and culture of her native land. Her works emerge as embroidered souvenirs, imbued with the sensory experiences she acquired on her travels, during which she discovered the Iranian architecture of past centuries. The shapes and colors she uses embody the beauty of these abandoned structures left to decay, creating a strong contrast with modern architecture. Fariba Boroufar's works have been exhibited in art galleries, but also in industrial spaces, public spaces and historical monuments, underlining her concern about the gradual disappearance of Iranian architecture and art. Source :