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Shahrzad Changalvaee


Shahrzad was born (1983) and raised in Tehran, Iran, received my BA in visual communications from Tehran University Faculty of Fine Arts in 2006, and her MFA in Sculpture from Yale School of Art in 2015. Shahrzad is a visual artist, mainly sculptor. She uses found Images and footages, in adjacent to studio materials and artist-made things to form narratives that question local/global, information/anecdote, displacement/memory, language/communication. Shahrzad remembers thinking about becoming a teacher on her very first day of school. She has thought and lead workshops to children, young adults and university students, in Iran and the US. She has worked with Dabireh Collective, a project on Persian script and language for seven years and is currently a member of Bon-Gah colletive, an artist-run platform in Iran. Shahrzad has been collaborating with Pardis for Children since 2017 and is currently teaches Video Art at Caldwell University, NJ as well.