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Caroline Trucco Yvanovitch Mbaya
Congo - Brazzaville


Yvanovitch Mbaya is a Congolese artist based in Casablanca (Morocco). His work is enriched by his travels, both near and far. Through drawing, video, installation and performance art, his work is akin to that of a sociologist studying the social and cultural behavior of his environment. He is particularly interested in the new generations, and their relationship with the new communication tools that sometimes, paradoxically, lead the individual - this daily actor in an entirely open universe - to withdraw into himself. A passionate traveler, for several years now he has been asking himself the following question: How can we open up to “the other” while preventing ourselves from dreaming of exile? Mbaya trained at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Brazzaville (Congo), and also studied under the tutelage of Bill Kouélany.