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Merveille Kelekele Kelekele


The paintings of Merveille Kelekele Kelekele (born in 2001 in the Democratic Republic of Congo) illustrate the transition between dream and waking state. Having grown up in the Congo until the age of nine, Kelekele Kelekele experienced several migratory changes and family instabilities, forcing him to live in different European countries during his youth before settling in France. Kelekele's work explores his understanding of the metaphysical creatures, amorphous in form and indeterminate in size, that accompanied him on his adolescent journey. His life's journey, spanning several continents and experiences, is encapsulated in his canvases and often enriched by personal objects. Kelekele Kelekele doesn't just paint; he orchestrates an environment in which the viewer becomes an active participant in the unfolding narrative. His work is a journey, not only into his subconscious but also into the collective consciousness, blending nightmares and dreams into a rich tapestry of monsters, souls and creators. Spindly, surreal creatures set against backdrops of naturally washed-out hues, reminiscent of the ubiquitous red sands of his early years in Africa. Kelekele Kelekele often incorporates personal objects into his nightmarish paintings, such as his beloved Kofia hats and necklaces, to bring out the visceral presence of these creatures in his own daily life. Hidden in each of his paintings is an a priori distant version of the artist, accompanied by a raven, both painted on an infinitesimal scale. Although these metaphysical creatures are magnanimous, Kelekele Kelekele quietly addresses an individual's ability to overcome and/or manifest hallucinations, nightmares, hopes and dreams. In a world he describes as a “great machine” perhaps heading towards its own ruin, Kelekele Kelekele's work offers a momentary pause, a space for reflection and reorientation. Recent solo exhibitions include Balanced Psychopath, Casa MB, Italy, and Merveille Kelekele, Association PERSAN, Paris, France. Recent group shows include Nos Découvertes 2023! at Galerie du Jour agnès b., Paris, France; Rêve lucide, FLAW Gallery, Paris, France; Les Apartés Festival, Les Apartés & Point Éphémère, Paris, France, and Exposition Collective Libre n°3, 3537 Organization, Paris, France. In 2023, Kelekele was artist-in-residence at Domo Damo in São Paolo, Brazil. Kelekele lives and works in Paris, France.

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