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Samira Amri is a young visual artist from Béjaïa and, more specifically, Akbou. She is a self-taught artist. Her passion for art and her particular penchant for painting led her to devote herself fully to creation, giving free rein to her imagination and allowing her sensibility to express itself without reserve or circumspection. “I'm a self-taught visual artist”, she says, before continuing: “I've been painting since I was a child. My style is semi-figurative.” Like other artists who live far from the big cities, Samira Amri deplores the lack of exhibition spaces. Asked what difficulties she encounters as an artist, she replies: “Most exhibitions are held without any support, especially as I travel to other regions by my own means to take part.” So, in addition to the lack of conditions to support creation, Algerian artists are forced to dig deep into their pockets to finance their exhibitions. While in other countries, creators are supported by gallery owners or other institutions, in Algeria, they have to struggle. It's a real obstacle course. And it's often because they can't finance their exhibitions that many give up their passion for art; they abandon their talent altogether. Samira Amri regrets this reality for artists. She says: “There are indeed so many artists from the interior of the country who have talent, but who are not known, either because they can't find a place to exhibit (lack of space), or because they don't have the means to do so.” Thus, the lack of financial means means that many artists struggle to break through and make a career in art. “There's also a lack of information about cultural events, meaning that when they do manage to exhibit, they don't get media coverage,” she adds. Asked whether she's succeeding in establishing herself on the national scene, Samira Amri replies: “I'm someone who doesn't give up, who forges ahead. I'm relentless, a fighter. I'm a go-getter with a strong will to move forward, to order my style.” As proof: Samira Amri, who paints out of both desire and need, was able to exhibit at the latest edition of the 5ᵉ Salon d'automne des arts plastiques, held recently at the Palais de la culture Moufdi-Zakaria. Source :

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