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Binta Diaw is an Italian-Senegalese artist born in Milan, Italy, in 1995. She lives and works between Milan and Dakar, Senegal. Binta Diaw is a graduate of the Accademia di belle arti di Brera di Milano in Milan, and the École d'Art et de Design de Grenoble in France. Binta Diaw's artistic research often takes the form of installations and site-specific projects, sometimes playing on monumental dimensions, and is shaped by philosophical and historical reflections on the social phenomena that define our contemporary world, such as migration, the notion of belonging, the relationship with history and its archives, and the question of gender. Nourishing her work with contributions from intersectionality and eco-feminism, Binta Diaw places great importance on physical and sensory experience in her work. Her works are a privileged place for expressing the power of materiality and its impact on perceptions. Earth, plants, water, stone, hair and sometimes her own body are all part of the artist's visual language. From one work to the next, they constantly remind the viewer of his or her organic, shifting nature, as well as that of a social and political being. Often immersed in immersive and site-specific spaces, where the context of the work's display plays a part in shaping its meaning on several levels, the viewer must reconnect with his or her place in the world in order to grasp the scope and multiple connections that operate within the works. Drawing on her diasporic and fluid identity, Binta Diaw questions the dominant viewpoints of history, reintroducing a plurality of narratives through a remarkable economy of means. The artist thus proposes a decentering of an exclusively Eurocentric vision of history, and asserts her artistic gestures as complex rewritings of history. Recent exhibitions (selection): uMoya - The Sacred Return of Lost Things, Liverpool Biennial (UK, 2023); Inflitrées - 5 manières d'habiter le monde, Reiffers Art Initiatives, Paris (France, 2023); Maa ka Maaya ka ca a yere kono - Sur la multiplicité, la différence, le devenir et l'héritage, 13th Rencontres de Bamako (Mali, 2022); Paysages, Magasins Généraux, Grenoble, (France, 2022); Still Present! 12th Berlin Biennial (Germany, 2022); The Land of Our Birth is a Woman, Centrale Fies, Dro (Italy, 2022); Toolu Xeer, Galerie Cécile Fakhoury, Dakar (Senegal, 2022); Unraveling The (Under-) Development Complex or Toward A Post - (Under-) Development Interdependence, Savvy Contemporary, Berlin (Germany, 2022); Les tirés ailleurs, Bungalow Chert Lüdde, Berlin (Germany, 2022); The Recovery Plan, devoir de mémoire à l'italienne, Institut Culturel Italien, Paris (France, 2022).