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Izere Antoine de Padoue is a Rwandan painter based in Rwanda, born in 1996 in Rushoga (DRC). Antoine holds a degree in sculpture and ceramics from the Nyundo School of Art. From an early age, Izere has loved art. He is passionate about exploring the many ways in which art is part of our lives. His art depicts social situations, emotions and feelings. He has taken part in numerous training courses in animation and illustration. He has participated in art exhibitions mainly in Rwanda, East Africa and the United States. Izere is represented by Mitochondria Gallery in Houston, Texas. "Creation is an extraordinary process. Most of the time, I like to try new things. I love the heavy brushstrokes of the Impressionists, the flow of their textured, torn, foundry colors, and different scales of gray, as well as their commitment to open compositions and changing light. This is what gave birth to my impasto style. I see life as a passion, where you hold on to what you love and fight endlessly against everything you hate. Art is one of the open ways of speaking to people in a graphic/visual way about the imagination. The emotions, feelings and all the untold stories behind it make people feel connected." - Izere Antoine Izere Antoine has participated in two solo exhibitions at Galerie Mitochondria. He made his debut in a museum exhibition at the MET in Manila, Philippines, alongside renowned artists such as Kehinde Wiley, Amoako Boafo, Hank Willis Thomas, Nathaniel Mary Quinn, Rashid Johnson and Tunji Adeniyi-Jone.