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Vivien Tapsoba
Burkina Faso


Born in 1986, Vivien Tapsoba, or V-TAPS as he calls himself, is an artist from Burkina Faso. He lives and works in Ouagadougou. Vivien Tapsoba began painting in 2000 and trained for four years at the Fondation Olorun. In 2006, he exhibited at the Dakar Biennale. Vivien Tapsoba is a humanist, finding in art a means of sharing and exchanging with the general public. The artist is interested in urban life and the atmosphere of Ouagadougou's working-class neighborhoods. He finds in this daily life noise, colors and atmospheres that he transcribes with energy and dynamism. His paintings bear witness to the social and physical changes taking place in the city. He paints with acrylics, natural pigments and pastels.

Mixed media

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