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Jennifer Msekwa


Born and raised in Arusha, as a child she experienced a lot of things that contributed to build her career as an artist. She did not like nor engage herself in physical activity but loved to do activities that mentally stimulated her. Given her exposure, she always wished to become many things but the thing that stood out the most was her artistic talents and this seemed the natural direction for her to take. Art sparked joy in her and she derived her motivation from her heart. This led her to study art from high school. Art to Jennifer, provides the opportunity to express herself in two ways - one in showing her skills and abilities, and the other, the means of presenting and expressing her ideas. Jennifer is both a visual artist and an environmental activist, doing both paintings and drawings combined with natural materials as her style. Inspired by nature, history and various social issues, her work aims to inspire, educate and make a positive difference. She has participated in several art projects and exhibitions both locally and internationally. Jennifer is heavily engaged in spiritual matters by faith. Open minded and spontaneous, she loves to cook, read, sculpting miniatures, and conducting personal research on various issues that interest her. Her greatest achievement thus far is being able to live up to her expectations. For her, being innovative, coming up with ideas, researching and finding answers to them, collecting material she desires are all part and parcel for self improvement in her work. She dreams to become a better and more successful artist that will change the attitude of Africans and Tanzanian communities towards arts and crafts . Her dream project would be creating a piece of artwork that will bring about change in this world.