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Emmanuelle Custine


Born in 1983, Emmanuelle Custine is a visual artist and ceramist with a DNSEP diploma (Diplôme National Supérieur d'Arts Plastiques), as well as a secondary school art teacher. She experiments with a variety of media: installations, sculpture, photography and video, all part of her artistic research into the link between Man and Nature. She works mainly with natural materials, with the elements water, fire, air and earth, to create rhythmic spaces and environments where art weaves this terrestrial bond, “Earth-being”. She attaches great importance to dance, as she is a dancer herself. So the need to bring movement, our relationship with the earth and the body's involvement in a natural space to the fore in her artistic practice is paramount. Moreover, the different landscapes (volcanic, forests, beaches, rivers...) of Reunion Island appear to be doorways to the imaginary, an open-air workshop of inspiration and creation. Like dance, movement is everywhere, present in nature and in the body. It is the presence of this natural alliance between man and nature.

Du Chaos Nait La Lumière Exhibition Poster